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Barrister Babu Written Episode 199 Update

The scene starts with

Anirudh arousing in the wake of hearing bhajan sound. He gets up thinking that Sampoorna’s teachers presumably come anyway when he goes out, he sees Shubra doing pooja tidied up like his mother. He is paralyzed. Bondita comes there followed by the rest of the family. Anirudh asks how this youngster got inside the house. Bondita swears she does not understand and she is shocked to see her there too. Trilochan reveals that he brought her there.

Anirudh says that she is a cheat and liar yet Trilochan says that she isn’t a liar and she knows there used to be two passages in their kitchen. Anirudh sees whether she transforms into her mother by understanding that. Trilochan says that he asked her various requests before bringing her there and she has offered right reactions to everything, she even knew how Shubra kicked the can. He in like manner shows the guarded string that Anirudh’s mother had brought from Kaali Maa asylum.


Anirudh really doesn’t acknowledge since it isn’t right. Trilochan says that he didn’t imagine that its right when he got a widow the house and let her meander any place without completing all the functions anyway he didn’t stop him and now he has brought this youngster inside the house since he acknowledges he is Shubra.

Bondita endeavors to state something in regards to the youngster anyway Trilochan demands that she talk with Shubra with yielding since she is her family member. Anirudh blocks her to call her with his mother’s name. Bondita signals. Trilochan asks what’s happening he said. Bondita motions at him also.

Trilochan prescribes Anirudh to ask any request to the youngster. Anirudh mumbles something in Bondita’s ear. Bondita demands Trilochan to give the keys from the safe yet he denies saying that none can open the ensured except for him and Shubra. Anirudh gets that solitary his mother acknowledged which is the key of the safe. Bondita says that the test is that the youngster ought to find the correct key and open the safe. Munshi envisions that he has not referenced to the youngster about the keys and thinks about what she will do.

Bonita gives all the keys to the youngster who walks around the room followed by each other individual. The youngster thinks about what to do and surveys Munshi asking her not to be concerned whether or not she will be attempted customarily in the house since he will move toward her yet she should understand those movements and avoid any slip-up. The youngster looks around.

Munshi walks near the closet behind Anirudh and makes it drop. It will fall on Anirudh yet the youngster shouts “Gopal” and drives him away saving him. The storeroom falls on her foot. Anirudh says that he is sure that she isn’t his mother now since now she will say she is unwell notwithstanding the way that she didn’t get a singular scratch just to move away from the test. The youngster walks around the secured with a key anyway it doesn’t get opened. Anirudh says that he said it before that there isn’t anything like a second birth. In any case, the youngster can open the safe dazzling everyone. Trilochan gets perky.

Munshi envisioned that he has been a shadow for Roy Chaudhary all of these years so he knows it all. Right when everyone was giving the extra space, he put a sign with ink on the key so the youngster could get it.

Trilochan is at present sure that the youngster is Shubra and pronounces that she will stay in the estate until she won’t complete her fast since he needn’t bother with any danger to hold tight Anirudh’s life because of brisk not being done. Anirudh leaves furiously.

The youngster shuts the safe and thinks she needs to complete her work and not the snappy. Bonita figures she can’t acknowledge the youngster yet so she needs to achieve something that will draw out her world before everyone.

Episodes closes

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