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Choti Sardarni Full Episodes 378 Written Update

The scene begins with

Sarab Cries For Param. Param Is Crying In The Car. Sarab Looks At Aditi And Says Dr. Aditi, Param And Karan Are Parts Of My Heart. I Will Die But Won’t Give Up On My Kids. My God Is With Me. Param Is Crying. He Cries Papa… Sarab Holds His Hand. Constable Comes And Says Get The Kids Out. We Have To Release Them. We Got An Order. Sarab Hugs Param And Cries. Sarab Says Meher Ji… God Listened To Us. Aditi Is Angry. Aditi Says Why Are These Kids Released? Regulator Says Because We Arrested Their Leader. She Will Be Punished Not Them. He Says It’s A Woman. She Confessed. Sarab Is Shocked.

Sarab Comes In. Meher Is With The Lady Constable. Constable Says She Surrendered. She Made The Kids Steal. Constable Says To Send Her In The Van To Amritsar Jail. She Will Be There For Weeks. Sarab Says What? What Did You Do Meher? Unveil to Them It’s A Lie. Meher Is Locked Inside The Jail. Param Says Mama Why Did They Lock You Here? Sarab Says I Have Only Two Hours. I Won’t Let You Go To Jail. Sarab Goes Out With The Kids.

The Orphan Kids Are Thrown In A Shed. He Says Were Your Hands Rusted That You Stole Only One Wallet? The Goons Hit Them And Say If You Make A Sound Gunja Paa Ji Will Make You Beg With Your Hands Cut. He Says Monty Go There. Gunja Paa Ji Is Calling You. Monty Comes To Him. He Says Something To Money.

Scene 2

Vikram Opens His Eyes. His Head Is Heavy. Vikram Sees Time, He Says 4 Hours? Did I Sleep For 4 Hours? Halreen Calls Him And Asks If He Could Find About Meher And Sarab? He Says My Men Are Looking. Harleen Says We Are At Khushi’s Hostel. Please Text If You Find Anything About Meher And Sarab. Manav Tries To Get Up But He Falls Back On The Bed. His Head Is Dizzy. He Sees The Cut Next To Him. He Breaks The Cup In Anger.

Monty Comes To Sarab’s House And Says Param.. He Says Ganja Paa Ji Will Cut Everyone’s Feet And Hands. Param Needs To Come With Me. He Says Param.. Where Are You? He Comes Out. Rana Asks Him If He Has Seen These People? He Says This Is Param. Rana Says Do You Know Where They Are? Montu Runs.

Param And Sarab See Montu Trying To Take A Kid With Him. Sarab Says What Are You Doing? Delivery Him. Montu Says Why Did You Release That Kid. He Will Cut My Siblings’ Hands And Feet. Sarab Says Who? Montu Says Ganja Paa Ji. Said He Will Cut Their Limbs If I Don’t Take Two More Kids To Them. He Makes Us Steal Things. You should Give Me Your Kids. My Siblings Will Be Saved Other Wise He Will Cut Their Limbs.

Criminal Says You All Will Have Your Feet Cut. If Montu Brings Two Kids You Will All Be Saved. Mogli Says He Is Here. Mogli Comes In With Param. The Goom Says Where Is The Other Kid? Sarab Says Here.. Sarab Punches Him. He Falls In Ganga Paa Ji’s Feet. Param Recalls Meher Told Him To Tell Papa To Find The Man Who Makes Kids Steal Things. At the point when That Uncle Is Found, The Police Will Release Mama. Sarab Says You Want Kids? You Will Make Them Steal And Beg? Come Out Ganja. Where Are You? Mogli Says There. Ganja Says Who Has Invited His Death By Coming To The Lion’s Cave? Sarab Puts Karan In A Box. He Says Don’t Be Scared.

Ganja Says Who Are You? He Says Singh Papa. Sarab Says Singh Papa Will Fix Everything. Sarab Says Get Up.

Scene 3

Meher Is Worried. The Constable Says The Van Will Be Here In An Hour And Send You To Amritsar Jail For Two Months. Meher Says I Hope Sarab Will Come Before 3.

Sarab Says Get Up. Ganja Paa Ji Stands Up. Ganja Comes In Front Of Sarab. He Is Gigantic. Sarab Is Shocked. Ganja Says I Am In Front Of You Now. Sarab Says Will You Come With Me? He Says Where? Sarab Says To Azadpur Police Station. I Was Asking If You Will Come With Love Or.. Sarab Says Or You Will Be Beaten. My Singh Papa Will Beat You. Ganja Laughs And Says This Small Man Will Beat Me? Sarab Also Laughs With Him. Param Says Papa, We Have To Get Meher Mama Out. Sarab Says To Montu Don’t Be Scared Kids. Cheer Up Singh Papa. They All Cheer Up Sarab. Sarab Says Papa Will You Kick Him Or Punch Him? Sarab Says However Ganja Paa Ji Likes. Ganja Says You Have One Minute Do What You Want. I Won’t Touch You. Sarab Says Thank You. He Says But If I Don’t Fall In One Minute You Will Die. Sarab Looks At The Clock And Says I Have Only 50 Minutes To Save Meher.

The Prisoner Shoves Meher. She Says How Did You Touch The Pot? Meher Says I Wanted Water. The Other Prisoner Says You Need Our Permission. Meher Says Who Are You? You’re A Prisoner Like Me. They Hold Her And Throw Water On Her.

Show Name: Choti Sardarni
On Air Episodes: 378
Channel Owner: Voot Official/colors tv

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