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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 full Episode 147 Written Update

The scene begins with

The Episode starts with Vansh pouring light fuel around the bedding. Riddhima is resting. She stirs and gets staggered seeing this. She asks what are you doing Vansh, light oil? He asks what did you think Riddhima, your cheat will be stowed away from me, no… .

I knew it all, I had saved you till now to rebuke you at the lucky time. He audits Siya’s record and Kabir’s words. He says you have first hoodwinked me till now. She says please stop it, sometimes what we see and hear isn’t reality. He lights the fire. She says save me, stop it Vansh. She cries. She stirs from this dream. Vansh asks what happened Riddhima… .

He grasps her and says loosen up, maybe you have seen a horrendous dream, I won’t permit anything to happen to you. She figures I should not get such dream, by and by Vansh knows reality. She says I have found in the dream that you are vanishing from me, so I was uncertain. He says its misguided, by and by we are close to the point that there is no uncertainty of vanishing, in what way will I live without you, lets improve the mien, there is a sudden holding on for you at home, get ready, we can get back. She says fine, I will plan and come. He calls Angre and asks the update. Angre says I did it as you said. Vansh says incredible and disengages.

Scene 2

Vansh and Riddhima are on the way. The youngster calls and says I m Ahana, its villain to state. Riddhima asks what is it, react to me, prompt me. Ahana says listen to me. Riddhima says voice is breaking. She thinks who is this youngster, what does she need to state. Vansh approaches her to look for his phone. He says I need to speak with Angre, I will call from your phone. He checks her phone and keeps it. He says I have given various chances to the world to isolate us, as of now I need my critical any remaining’s minutes for me, no third individual is permitted to disturb us.

They catch hands. She thinks offer thanks toward God, I have pardoned Vansh and he has recognized me with my past. Someone who attacked her has taken her letter from Vansh. Its Kabir. Kabir pounds the letter and says Vansh will never get your reality. Vansh and Riddhima get back. They get a fair welcome at home. The family comes at the portal. Dadi says Riddhima has squashed the end, come, you both handled all the issues. Vansh lifts Riddhima and takes her. Ishani glares.

Scene 3

Vansh says I understand the way is improved with blooms, anyway there are thorns concealed, let the thorns get written in my fate. He takes her to the portal and drops her. Dadi does their aarti. Dadi asks how are the improvements. Riddhima says incredible. Vansh says stun is satisfactory, I m your grandson, I have furthermore masterminded an awe, the clarification is Riddhima’s return and new years, it will be an incredible get-together. He sees Kabir and says whatever happened with Anupriya, it won’t change the way that you will reliably be my stepbrother, I invite you in the social event as well.

He goes. Riddhima says its enough Kabir, Anupriya needs to change, if there is deceptive in you, by then your state will be same like her, Vansh doesn’t additional his enemies in case they intrude with him. She goes. Kabir says I will discredit you Riddhima, the game will change, your place, my shot.

Riddhima plans for the social affair. Vansh asks would I have the option to set you up, I needn’t bother with any wish unfulfilled, who knows, we are there or not, memories should be there. Riddhima smiles. He ties the string solidly and asks did it hurt. She says no. He gets a shaper pointing towards her. She gets terrified and says Vansh… . He manages the hair band and loosens up her hair. He says I like free hair. She says you terrified me, is everything fine now. He says we will know it in social occasion. He thinks this social occasion is remarkable, you will pick up capability with a significant exercise of life. She asks will we. They fasten hands and go.

Vansh asks Angre did you achieve the work. Angre says really, everything is in control. Vansh says someone is endeavoring to call Riddhima, I took her phone, with the objective that individual will endeavor to come here. Angre says don’t pressure, I have set strong security outside. Vansh says extraordinary. Riddhima and Vansh dance. Vansh says new year, fresh start, new year gets various surprises, my heart says that this year will bring captivating turn. Angre signs Vansh. Vansh says its your last night, live it well, you don’t have a great deal of time. Riddhima asks what do you mean. Live wires will reach her arm

She gets back. Vansh pulls her and says its last night of 2020, by then new year will begin. She smiles. Someone goes into the house. Angre looks around. Ahana stows away from him. She goes into a room and takes a dress from the bureau. Riddhima hits the dance floor with Kabir.

Kabir says whatever you did with mother, it was right, anyway she was my mom, you need to deal with it. Riddhima says she did that being extremist, it was authentically not something unadulterated, you can’t convey requital on me, even end can’t hurt me when Vansh is with me. Ahana sees Riddhima and goes to her. They dance. Riddhima thinks who is she. Ahana says I called you, our conversation was deficient, I need to uncover to you something pixie. Riddhima gets paralyzed.

Drama Name: Ishq Mein Marjawan
Publish Episodes:147
Video Provider: Voot Official Website

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