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Kundali Bhagya Episode 912 Written Update Karan shocks Preeta

Karan staggers Preeta Karan and Mahira are together in Preeta’s nonattendance. Mahira envisions that Karan is gravitating toward to her. She needs the camera to record anything she wants. She shows that Karan was hysterical to get her. She uncovers to Karan that she can connect with her until Preeta comes. Preeta and Shrishti endeavor to acknowledge how did Mahira keep away from the spiked drink. Sherlyn uncovers to them the certifiable course of action.

She tells that she had seen Shrishti and Sameer concealing, she had moreover noticed Sameer spiking the drink. She tells that she had exchanged the drinks after Sameer left. She gives the elevating news that Mahira is in resources, she is lauding her excursion with Karan. Preeta shows her certainty on Karan. Sherlyn uncovers to Preeta that Mahira has worn the nightie capable to Preeta by Shrishti. She prompts that once Mahira gets comfortable to Karan, by then their association will never get denied. She tells that the live transmission will get recorded, it will be a proof for the Luthras as well.

Sherlyn upsets Preeta by her unobtrusive talks. She tells that Karan would not keep his feelings and express love to Mahira, whom he wanted to marry. She demands that Preeta like the nostalgic minutes among Karan and Mahira. She leaves Preeta and Shrishti in a feeble situation. Preeta finds Karan semi-aware resulting to consuming the spiked drink. Mahira gives an intoxicating pill to Karan. Preeta cries seeing the fulfillment. She reveals to Shrishti that Mahira is crossing her cutoff focuses. She prompts that Mahira is endeavoring to misuse Karan’s intoxicated state.

Karan envisions Preeta in Mahira. He permits his feelings to sentiments. He gets unavailable from Mahira when he faces reality. Mahira doesn’t leave her concluded move to win Karan. Preeta is left broken to watch their night live. She can’t see them together. She needs Karan to show his real sentiment and not fall in Mahira’s plan. Kareena tells Bani and Rakhi that Mahira and Sherlyn are unwell. She exhorts that she has sent them to Manali so they have an event trip, Preeta can manage Sherlyn if there is any issue. She tells that she made the booking in a comparable hotel. Bani likes her turn. Rakhi is pushed. She understands that Mahira will endeavor to get against Preeta.

She advises that Mahira is stirred up concerning Preeta getting her advantages. She doesn’t figure she can explain Mahira. Rakhi stresses recognizing something mistakenly will happen. Karan stresses that he has given a life partner’s qualification to Mahira. He is sorry to Preeta and requirements her to leave from his life, regardless, when Preeta is set up to excuse him for his mistake. Karan staggers Preeta by announcing his decision that he will marry Mahira as a remorse for his mistake. Will Mahira win in her malicious plan? Keep examining for an ordered update.

Drama Name: Kundali Bhagya
On Air Episode:912
Channel Owner: Voot

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