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The scene begins with

The scene begins with Purvi demands that Virendra help her with making cake for Juhi’s birthday. She says no one is here to help and besides she doesn’t have the foggiest thought how to use the microwave that is the explanation mentioning that he help her. He says their family went for asylum not specialists so she can demand that they help her. She says they are busy with birthday festivity’s plans so she can’t annoyed them and asks what will happen in case she destroyed while using the microwave and says she can’t confront any test since it’s about Juhi’s birthday festivity.

She says she won’t force him since decision will be his fair and she is attempting to state that Juhi will be happy to see that cake. He agrees to help her. She chuckles seeing flour all finished. Exactly when he looked her irately she makes him wipe those flour from his face. He stops her at whatever point she planned to submit any mistake. He tells her the best way to use microwave and leaves the kitchen.

Prakashi uncovers to Mama that Purvi would have finished her work. Anjali’s loved one planned to sit close by Vaibhav in vehicle yet Anjali’s sister stops him saying he should sit with his significant other and unveils to him that his significant other keeping things under control for him in another vehicle. By then she sits close by Vaibhav who was sitting with Priyu. Vaibhav thinks he remained with Anjali’s sister and Priyu. He demands that Priyu save him from Anjali’s sister so she exchanges seat with him. Prakashi and Mama gets fascinated with the enhancements and honors Purvi. Purvi gets some data about pooja. Prakashi says everything worked out emphatically and asks what came to pass for her work.

Purvi says her work furthermore done and surveys how she encouraged them to take off from the house for relatively few hours so she can make Virendra plan cake for Juhi. She says Juhi will be genuinely bright if turns out to be more familiar with that her father make cake for her. Mother says Purvi furthermore justifies credit. Virendra demands that Purvi show the cake and they moves towards the kitchen. She asks will Juhi like this cake. He answers saying that his daughter will like it positively. He says his youngsters tortured her an extraordinary arrangement still she managed them in grow way and says she won his family members heart as well.

He says in the wake of giving her Molkki whole she will take off from this house anyway he hasn’t the foggiest what will happen immediately and offers of acknowledgment her an incredible arrangement. Juhi and Manas says they have stun for Juhi and takes her to their room. They gives dress and diamonds to her. Juhi says her birthday festivity occurring because of Purvi so she should similarly look wonderful. Purvi uncovers to them that Virendra helped her with making Juhi’s main cake. Juhi offers thanks toward her for everything.

Anjali gives one key to Purvi and exhorts all her it with her safely and she will take it from her in get-together. Purvi plans for birthday festivity. Juhi reveals to her colleagues that her father make cake for her. Virendra hears that and smiles seeing Juhi’s happy face. Anjali uncovers to her sister that presently bomb effect will happen seeing Purvi in social occasion. Virendra explodes noticing Purvi.

Scene closes.

Telecast Date:Episode 31

Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot

Drama Serial: Molkki 


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