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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Full Episode 92 Written Update

Manjari Telling The Today’s Party Is For Ms. Great Aishwarya. Omkar Dances With Aishwarya On The Song Ke Ghunghroo Toot Gaye.Mayura Looks At Omkar. They All Dance Mayura Comes To Omkar While Dancing. He Imagines Dancing With Mayura For A While. Aishwarya Comes To Omkar And Dances With Him. She Signs Manish To Attack Omkar. Manish Walks Towards Omkar, Holding The Knife. Mayura Sees That And Shouts Omkar. Omkar Holds Manish’s Hand. A Fb Is Shown,

Omkar Tells Mayura That He Don’t Trust Her, But What She Thinks That Attack Will Happen Again On Him. Mayura Says Yes. Omkar Says I Will Be Alert This Time And Then Everything Will Be Crystal Clear. Mayura Tells That She Has Seen The Attacker’s Face And Will Alert Him (Omkar). She Says I Need To Come To The Party For This. Omkar Asks Her To Come, But This Is The Last Chance For You, Truth Will Be Out In This Party. She Forwards Her Hand And Says Tomorrow We Will Meet.

Omkar Shakes Hand With Her And Says Ok. He Says If You Are Right Then Ok, And If You Are Wrong Then? Mayura Asks Him To Punish Her. Fb Ends. Manish Runs. Omkar Runs Behind Him. Mayura Is About To Run, When The Christmas Tree Falls On Her. Aishwarya Says I Will Go Mummy Ji… Mayura Holds Her Hand And Says You Will Be Exposed Anytime Soon.

She Asks Aishwarya To Let Omkar Go And See Your Boyfriend. She Says You Are His Wife And He Shall Know About Your Boyfriend. Aishwarya Asks What Are You Saying? Mayura Says You Are So Innocent, Your Innocence Will Not Work On You. Aishwarya Says Omkar Will Not Trust You. Mayura Says He Has Gone Behind Your Boyfriend, Lets See What Happens.

Omkar Runs Behind Manish. He Removes His Fake Beard And Sees His Face. Mayura Asks Aishwarya If Her Heart Is Beating And Says Your Dreams Will Be Shattered. Omkar Sees Manish. Manish Drops His Wallet And Pushes Omkar, Before Running Away. Mayura Says You Will Be Exposed Soon And Asks Her To Come. Omkar Sees Manish’s Photo With… .Mayura Tells Omkar That If He Got The Proofs? Manish Is Hiding And Looks At Omkar. Omkar Turns To Mayura And Says I Got The Proof. Manish Says It Will Be Fun Now. Omkar Shows The Proof In Which Mayura Is Standing With Manish In The Pic.

It Is A Morphed Pic Though. Aishwarya Relaxes And Smiles. Omkar Says He Is Your Boyfriend And Not Of Aishwarya. Mayura Says No. Omkar Says Now You Saw The Proof. Omkar Is Heart Broken And Goes. Mayura Asks Him To Listen. Aishwarya Stops Mayura And Holds Her Hand. She Says You Are Exposed So Can’t Handle. Mayura Asks Her To Leave Her Hand And Pushes Her. She Runs Behind Omkar. Omkar Sits On The Road And Recalls The Attacks On Him. He Vents Out His Pain. He Says What Happened To Me, Why Am I Getting Affected And Feeling Bad That She Has A Boyfriend Rather Than The Thought That She Wants To Kill Me. Aishwarya Provokes Manjari For Bearing Mayura For So Long. She Says I Have Bear Her, But She Might Take His Life. Manjari Says I Have To Do Something And Asks Bali To Come. Aishwarya Smiles.

Aishwarya Recalls Asking Manish To Keep The Photoshopped Photo Of Mayura In His Wallet. Manish Refuses, Aishwarya Says This Pic Will Save Us From Getting Exposed.

Manish Keeps The Pic On Aishwarya’s Pic. Fb Ends. Aishwarya Thinks Omkar Might Make Map On Mayura’s Other Cheek. Mayura Comes To The Workshop Behind Him And Says I Knew That You Will Come Here. She Says Manish Was Aishwarya’s Boyfriend And Asks Him To Believe Her. Omkar Says Someone Said Right That Woman’s Revenge Is More Worse Than Naagin’s Revenge. Mayura Says If I Wanted To Get You Killed Then Why Would I Alert You? She Says I Got Many Chances To Kill You, But Didn’t Do Anything And Asks Him To Use His Mind. Omkar Says I Have Understood Fully Now. Mayura Asks What? Omkar Says When The Bandage Is On The Wound, It Needs To Be Taken Out Slowly And Carefully, Likewise, When The Revenge Is Taken Slowly Then The Enemy Feels More Pain. Mayura Asks What Is Going On In Your Mind? Omkar Says You Comes Infront Of Me And Shows Goodness, But Then Backstabbed Me, So That I Feel Pain.

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Show Name: Pinjara Khubsurti Ka
On Air Episode:92
Channel Owner: Voot Official Website

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